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We offer both corporate and private clients all the legal services they require, and we assist our clients in widely varied circumstances that require negotiations. In cases of disputes, we will take care of all the litigation proceedings in general courts, proceedings in special courts, and arbitration proceedings.

Our vision and experience highlight the value of legal services’ immediate availability whenever required, and of ensuring that neither the pricing of the services nor fear of the possible costs poses an obstacle to making contact. With a simple advance inspection can prevent the great inconvenience of a need for later repairs and rectification

We are firm believers in the value of a competitive offering for all legal services, in terms of both professional skills and costs. The pillars of our services are:

Benefit for our customers: always and without compromise

Confidentiality: Absolute confidentiality of the clients’ information (our skills and experience create trust)

Simplicity: Personnel who are direct and honest, willing to serve, and readily accessible

Speed: Flexibility for each client’s needs and schedule

Costs without surprises: Transparent and predictable invoicing

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Spartax Attorneys at Law Ltd
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Tel. +358 9 6866 100
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Tel. +358 9 6866 100
Fax. +358 9 6866 1066

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