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The legal control of the corporate environment goes hand in hand with larger social development. In particular, with developments in internationalisation, every company nowadays has to ensure that its management of legal matters is satisfactory and organised in accordance with specific requirements. As for the increasing prominence of risk management, companies’ processes and agreements must be prepared with care. A great many problems can be avoided by paying sufficient attention in advance to the critical judicial issues.

Sometimes, however, a situation still arises in which a dispute with a partner in an agreement or some other party cannot be avoided. At that point, companies can resolve matters in any of various ways. We assist our clients in applying the most suitable means of negotiation and mediation for reaching a favourable settlement, and we also can process matters in all Finnish courts, and in arbitration proceedings, should this become necessary.

We offer our expertise in the corporate legal issues relevant to your company. We will take care of all legal and procedural matters associated with the management of the company and its daily business operations, letting you focus on the business you know best.

We will handle all of the following types of assignments, among others, applying top-notch professional expertise:

  • Contract law and corporate law
  • Mergers and acquisitions, and financing
  • Insolvency (bankruptcy issues and layoffs/reorganisation)
  • Taxation and tax appeals
  • Labour law (employment contracts, dismissals, co-determination, and labour disputes)
  • Public procurement and competition law
  • Real-estate and construction law
  • Damages and the collection of receivables
  • Due-diligence studies and reports
  • Disputes, settlement negotiations, and mediation
  • Litigation in general courts, as well as courts of arbitration
  • Cases of economic crime

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