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Excellence in sports law requires, in addition to expertise in the law, knowledge that is specific to the sphere of sport, as well as good knowledge of individual sports and the rules of their federations. The attorneys in our office possess extensive experience in assignments connected to sports and sports law.

We can assist athletes, trainers, clubs, and unions, as well as competition-organisers. Our clients also include co-operation partners for sports, sporting organisations, sports marketing companies, and parties organising non-competitive sports events. We have good international relationships with many countries and top international organisers. When so required, we can utilise these contacts to benefit the client.

Disputes pertaining to sports law often involve contracts of various types, as well as the regulations of sports federations or clubs and decisions that are based on these. To prevent disputes, we prepare agreements with appropriate content in line with the client’s needs, taking into account the relevant sport’s internal rules and practices. We also assist in the preparation and interpretation of the rules of clubs and sports federations, along with the setting up of new administrative systems and incorporation of operations.

Discipline issues of many types, not merely connected to doping, have increased and become highly significant as sports have developed. It is not unusual for a person or entity administering discipline to err when making a decision. When this takes place, the victim may be entitled to compensation or be obliged to pay it. In the event of a dispute, we can assist in obtaining resolution by means of judicial proceedings, if needed, or by means of sports legal-protection board action with the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS).

Our service covers all sports and, among others, the following areas of specialisation:

  • Contracts with athletes and coaches
  • Partnership, sponsorship, and sports marketing agreements
  • Television contracts and the organisation of events
  • Association affairs and sports rules
  • Discipline and doping issues
  • Assistance in sports discipline matters and with the  appeals of the decision.

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